Cleaning Tips For New Moms: What To Do When Your Precious Newborn Makes A Mess On Your Carpet

From the overwhelming feelings of love and pride to the unyielding exhaustion, the first few days with a newborn are filled with amazing highs and lows. However, what you might not have anticipated are the bewildering, stomach turning substances that could come out of something so precious. Don't spend what little free time you have cleaning up newborn stool and spit up and instead, follow these simple tips to help save your carpet – at least until your baby is a toddler: [Read More]

3 Roofing Upgrades You Won't Regret

Have you ever thought about which home upgrades really matter? Although you might be tempted to rip out those laminate counters or replace that dated carpet, the fact of the matter is that your roof makes up about 40% of the visible exterior of your home. If you want to make a big difference, consider investing in these three residential roofing upgrades that you won't regret later.   1: Heat Cables [Read More]

Homeowner's Guide: Flash Flood Watches & Warnings

Heavy rainfall or massive snow melt can cause a flash flood to occur, which can bring a wall of water 10-20 feet high. A flash flood warning is issued when one is occurring or is imminent. If you are in a warning area, move to higher ground immediately. Listen to your local radio stations for information on evacuation routes and shelters. If your area has a flash flood watch, you have a little time to prepare your family and your home. [Read More]

4 Tips To Avoid A Home Plumbing Disaster When Taking A Winter Vacation

When you decide to finally go on that winter getaway to an exotic, warm locale, the last thing you want to worry about is having to fly back home to tend to a plumbing emergency. When your home is being left behind in the cold weather, you need to take steps to protect your pipes from the cold when they are not in use. Follow these tips before you leave for vacation, so you can relax and soak in the fun and sun without worrying about coming home to a disaster. [Read More]