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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips And Tricks For New Wood Floors And Interior Design

When installing wood floors, there are a lot of options for the design—but they eventually wear and need to be refinished. When refinishing your hardwood floors for home renovations, you want them to match your new interior design. The following hardwood floor refinishing guide will help you with wood floors and interior design renovations:

  • Removing the existing hardwood finish—The existing finish of your hardwood floors is going to be removed first. This starts by sanding the surface of the floors to remove wax, polishes, and other protective coatings. After the floor is down to the raw wood grain, other methods of cleaning and bleaching the floors can be used to prepare it to be stained with new colors. Bleaching the surface of hardwood to make it lighter will give you more options for different looks when refinishing your floors.
  • Repairs and inlays before refinishing hardwoods—When refinishing your hardwood floors, you can be sure that repairs will need to be completed. This can give you opportunities for different looks by using inlay features. Inlays can be around the edges of rooms where damaged flooring is removed to create borders with new wood. Inlays can also be used for decorative centerpiece features in foyers, living rooms, and other main gathering spaces in your home that have wood flooring.
  • Colors and stains that work well with interior designs—The colors and stains of your floors are other aspects that you need to consider. First, you may want to combine light and dark colors for modern interior design with contrasting colors that pop out at you. There are other things when choosing the color of stains for hardwood floor refinishing. The darker colors can be difficult to change later, and lighter colors can be more prone to stains and visible wear.
  • Final hardwood finish coating and polishing to bring out colors—The final finishing of your hardwood flooring should be a protective coating of polish that brings out the colors of the grain and gives the new floors shine. In addition, you will want to wax the floor and occasionally apply wax coatings to protect the floors from wear and keep them looking like new for years to come.

The hardwood floors in your home can be refinished to give them a look that blends in well with the interior design. To have wood floors that flow with your interior design, contact a hardwood floor refinishing service like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc to them about these ideas.