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3 Advantages Of Spray Foam Insulation For Your Home

Many homes are well-built, but unless you have an upgraded or custom home, there is a good chance that the insulation is lacking. Many home builders do not use the highest quality insulation when building tract homes, and over time, the insulation in a home can deteriorate. If your home is several years old, there is a good chance that it could greatly benefit from upgrading the insulation. When you're interested in making changes to your home's insulation, one of the best options is spray foam insulation. The top advantages of spray foam insulation for a home include:

1. Noticeable Increase in Energy Efficiency 

One of the main reasons homeowners are interested in upgrading the insulation in their home is because they notice that their home is not very energy-efficient. One of the most obvious signs that a home is not energy-efficient is high monthly energy bills. When a home is not properly insulated, it can be quite expensive to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you want to greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, spray foam insulation is an excellent choice. It is one of the highest-rated forms of insulation available for homes, and after it is sprayed in, you will see a noticeable increase in how energy-efficient your home is.

2. Save Money

Upgrading your home with spray foam does require an upfront financial investment. However, this type of insulation will last for many years, and in the long run, spray foam insulation will save you a lot of money. When you add up how much money you can save on energy bills by upgrading your home's insulation, you will see that it won't take long for the insulation to pay for itself, and after that, you will just be putting money back in your pocket and paying lower heating and cooling bills.

3. Prevent Mold

Dealing with mold is a nightmare that no homeowner wants to deal with. A big advantage of spray foam is the fact that it will prevent mold from growing in the spaces between your walls. The compounds used to make spray foam insulation expand to create an airtight barrier, and they are completely waterproof. When the insulation is dried, it is possible for mold to grow. This can give you great peace of mind, as no one wants to live in a home with potentially dangerous mold.