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Security Gate Suddenly Develop A Mind Of Its Own? 4 Signs You Need To Call For Repairs Right Away

If the safety and security of your home and family is a priority, you want to make sure that your gate is up to the task. Unfortunately, even minor problems with your security gate can prevent your home from being as secure as it should be. Not only that, but problems with your security gate can cause damage to your vehicles. Here are four signs that you need to have your security gate repaired as soon as possible.

Sensor Isn't Tracking Properly

When your automatic gate is working properly, it will activate as soon as your car comes in range of the sensors. However, if the sensors aren't working properly, your gate won't be activated. Once the sensors fail, you could find yourself waiting an extended period of time for the gate to open. If your gate doesn't activate as soon as your car enters the sensor range, you need to contact a gate repair technician immediately. Tracking problems can occur when there are problems with the sensor and antenna or when there's issues with the radio transmission between the sensor and the control panel.

Gate Fails to Close Securely

If your security gate is no longer closing securely, your property isn't as secure as it should be. Gates that fail to close securely allow access by trespassers, as well as by stray animals. To ensure the security of your property, and to avoid health and safety issues involving stray animals, you need to address closure issues as soon as possible. In some cases, closure problems can be caused by dirty or blocked tracks. However, if those minor issues aren't the cause of the problem, you could be looking at a broken chain or a more serious mechanical malfunction.

Power Box Has Begun to Alert

When your automatic security gate is functioning properly, the only sound you should hear is a faint humming during operation. Other sounds may be a sign that something has malfunctioned. Beeping is one sound that you need to pay close attention to, especially when it's coming from the control box. Beeping can point to something simple like a dead battery. In more serious situations, beeping can be a sign that your gate is experiencing a problem with the electrical system. If charging or replacing the battery pack doesn't alleviate the beeping, contact a repair technician immediately.

Gate Makes Abrupt Forward Movement

If your gate has started to make abrupt forward movements along the track, you need to call for repair services right away. Those abrupt forward movements could cause damage to your car, and injuries to anyone who may be walking in the path of your gate.

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