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3 Signs You Need To Remove Your Tree

The decision to remove a tree from your yard is never an easy one. Mature trees add to the beauty of the landscape, and they can be challenging to remove. There are circumstances that warrant the removal of a tree for the safety of your home and family.

Be watching for one of these signs that indicate it's time to contact a tree professional to have your tree removed.

1. Vertical Cracks

You should always be wary of cracks that appear in the trunk of your tree. Vertical cracks can be caused by decaying wood below the bark's surface. This decaying wood can leave your tree vulnerable to damage during a severe windstorm.

Vertical cracks can also be caused by frost. A frost crack can serve as an entry point for insects, fungi, and bacteria that can destroy your tree from the inside-out. If you spot vertical cracks in your tree, have a professional evaluate the damage to determine if the tree can be salvaged.

2. Internal or External Rot

Rot is one of the most damaging conditions to a tree. Rot is caused by bacteria or fungi that find their way into your tree. External rot typically appears near the base of the trunk. The rot will cause the bark of your tree to look discolored and may be accompanied by fungal growth.

Internal rot is harder to identify. Since the rot will not be visible to the naked eye, you will need to look for the effects rot can have on tree growth. The leaves of a rotting tree will be discolored and wilted. The bark may begin to slough off in large sections. If you suspect rot is starting to affect your tree, have a professional make the final diagnosis before removing the tree from your yard.

3. Extreme Lean

You want the trees in your home's landscape to grow as straight as possible. This ensures that the weight of the branches and crown of the tree will be evenly distributed. A tree that develops an extreme lean should be removed from your yard for safety reasons.

Gravity will eventually cause large tree limbs to break off as the weight distribution grown more uneven in a leaning tree. These limbs can weigh quite a bit, and they can cause serious damage to your home, garage, or vehicle. The removal of a leaning tree ensures that you will not have to worry about falling limbs damaging your property in the future. For more information, check out a website like today.