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Signs You Need Your Hardwood Floors Refinished

Since hardwood is a natural material, it deteriorates over time. Temperatures, natural wear and tear, and other factors affect how long hardwood lasts. Some types of hardwood are also more durable than others, so if you have a softwood or less-dense hardwood flooring species in your home, refinishing will be needed more frequently.

Are your floors ready to be refinished? Use this guide to assist you. It's best to have your floors refinished by a licensed carpenter or a flooring specialist because this type of work can be extensive and you can damage your floors attempting to repair them on your own.

Your hardwood is discolored

Uneven coloring in your hardwood is a sign you need to have the floors refinished. You'll notice that your floors are most discolored in areas of high traffic, such as hallways and the entry area. Your floors will also be a different color underneath rugs than exposed areas. Your carpenter will strip down your hardwood and sand the surface to reveal even coloring, then apply a new coat of finish and sealant.

Your hardwood needs to be stained

If you're planning on staining your hardwood to change or brighten its appearance, get your floors refinished first. This way, your floors are evenly porous throughout so your stain takes to your hardwood evenly. You also should have your floor resealed at this time so your stain lasts and your hardwood is more protected against scratches, dents, and moisture damage.

Your hardwood is damaged

Hard water stains, dents, scratches from pets and furniture, and other damages will make your hardwood appear aged before its time. When you refinish your hardwood, you remove these smaller imperfections and give your hardwood a smoother texture. Buckled or warped sections of hardwood will be replaced during the refinishing process to make your floors more beautiful.

Your hardwood is rough

Ideally, hardwood should be smooth underfoot. Hardwood has natural grains that vary in depth and thickness, so when your hardwood finish wears off, you can feel the grains and other rough surfaces in your floors.

Rough hardwood floors gather dust and hair more than softer surfaces do, so have your floors treated and refinished right away. Your flooring specialist will tell you how often you should have your hardwood floors refinished in the future so you can keep your floors beautiful longer. Refinishing is a great way to preserve your hardwood floors for as long as you have them.

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