Finishing Your Basement

Adding A Carport To Your Home

Having a safe location to keep your car can help you to avoid a variety of different types of damage. Unfortunately, some homeowners will assume that they will need to have an entire garage added to the home. However, carports can be an excellent way of giving yourself a safe location to keep the car without needing to pay for the full costs of a garage.

Will A Carport Require Major Structural Changes To The Home?

A key advantage of a carport is that it can be added to the property without needing to make major structural changes to the home. In fact, a carport can be installed without being attached to the home. This can allow you to place the carport in the area that makes the most sense for your property. It will also help to ensure that this upgrade can be completed quickly so that you can minimize disruptions and enjoy the use of your carport as soon as possible.

What Material Will Be Used For Your Carport?

One of the most common materials to use in a carport is aluminum. This is due to its low cost and durability. However, some individuals will want materials that are stronger. For these people, there are carports that are made of steel, which can be far stronger. There are also vinyl options available, but these may be among the least durable options for your carport.

Are Carports Unsightly Additions To Make?

Concerns about the appearance of the home can be another reason for individuals to be worried about installing a carport. Yet, there are carport designs that look very similar to traditional garages, which can make this addition look like an original part of the home. There are many different designs that can be chosen, such as an a-frame metal carport, and you should take your time in choosing a design to make sure that you pick the one that will complements your home's appearance the best.

Will Your Carport Be Able To Withstand The Intense Winds Of A Severe Storm?

Strong storms can produce extremely strong winds that can be highly damaging. To account for this hazard, a carport will need to be properly secured and anchored to the ground. This is done by placing a series of poles in the ground. Additional support can be provided by adding a small amount of concrete to these holes, which will help to hold the pole in place once it dries and hardens. When strong storms arrive, you can further improve the stability of the carport by closing the main door if it has one. This will limit the risk of the wind lifting the roof off the carport.