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Need New Commercial Doors? Why Automatic Models Are The Only Way To Go

Choosing doors for your commercial building is no easy feat. Although it would seem that as long as the doors are free of major defects and can be locked with ease, they would be okay, you actually need to give a bit more thought to the decision than just what's on the surface. When you're choosing the doors for your commercial facility, you have to consider many different factors so that you can make the right choice. Find out why automatic doors are the only way to go when you're trying to decide which doors to put on your commercial building. 

Automatic Doors Are Handicap & Disability-Friendly

If you've ever been approaching a door with your hands full of bags or other items, you know how grateful you were when someone graciously held the door open for you. It's quite a relief because you don't have to put down your belongings or juggle everything around in hopes of getting the door opened without dropping anything.

Now, just imagine how would be to have a disability or handicap that makes it nearly impossible for you to open doors without assistance. This is a reality for many people across the country, and it can be very difficult for them to do things that might seem to be second nature to you. One of these activities is opening doors and entering a building without having someone around who can grab the door and help them through it.

Why not make life easier for people with disabilities by installing automatic doors on your building? The doors will open and close when someone comes within a certain radius of the sensors. Putting up automatic doors shows that you are a conscientious business owner who understands differences and is determined to be as inclusive as possible.

Automatic Doors Help With Energy Bills

Some people have a tendency to stand in doorways and hold the door open for extended periods of time. This lets your precious climate-controlled air seep outside and makes it more expensive for you to keep your building at a decent temperature.

When you have automatic doors, you won't have to worry about whether or not your doors are being propped open without your knowledge. Your energy bills are sure to reflect the difference!

Automatic doors are just a safe bet all the way around. Talk to your door contractor about the options that are available and get your new automatic doors put in right away.