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3 Reasons to Mix & Match Materials for Your Kitchen Countertops

The possibilities for kitchen countertops are seemingly endless; quartz, laminate, wood, cement, and granite are just a few of the materials that you can choose from. Instead of trying to narrow your countertop selection down to a single material, feel free to mix and match different types of counters for a kitchen the meets your needs and satisfies your aesthetics. Here are just a few reasons to mix the materials for your kitchen counters.

1. You Can Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Certain types of countertops are better for various tasks. For example, stone counters, like granite, are resistant to heat. If you like to cook or bake a lot, this is convenient because you can sit a hot pot or dish down without having to place some type of barrier between the pot and counter.

Granite counters also have a smooth surface that is ideal for those who like to bake. The smooth texture makes it easy to roll out and work with dough.

Laminate countertops are not heat resistant, but they are one of the easiest types of counter materials to clean and maintain. Instead of trying to choose a single material for your entire kitchen, choose the proper materials for each area. Some prefer to install laminate around the sink and dishwasher.

You might install a heat-resistant countertop, like granite or quarts, around your stove or oven. If your kitchen has an island, laminate or solid-surface countertops are an excellent surface for your children to work on art projects or have an afternoon snack. When spills or drips occur, you can wipe them up with ease.

2. You Can Stick to Your Budget

If you love the look of a certain slab of granite, but it exceeds your budget, mixing materials makes it possible to get the look you want for less money. Instead of installing granite in the entire kitchen, you can opt to install it in the areas where it makes functional sense. In other portions of your kitchen, opt for a cheaper countertop that coordinates with the colors in your granite slab.

3. Your Kitchen Will Have a More Distinct Style

Mixing and matching your kitchen counter materials is a simple way to ensure that your kitchen has a unique appearance and suits your home decor. For example, if you want your kitchen to have a rustic appearance but prefer to have some granite counter space for cooking purposes, you could stick install granite only on one side of the kitchen. For the rest of your counter space and your island, butcher block counters are an ideal selection that will give you your preferred look.

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