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Installation Tips For New Hardwood Floors

If you are getting ready to install new hardwood flooring in your house, one of the things that you need to determine is which way you want your hardwood floor to run in the room. You can install the flooring so that the floorboards run in either direction, so how do you decide which way to opt for? Here are a few things to think about.

Spotlight The Focal Point

For continuity purposes, you should try to install the flooring so that it all runs in a direction toward the focal point of the room. This draws the eye toward the focal point casually without being overwhelming. Whether the focus in the room is your fireplace, a sculpture, or the big bay window, consider where it is and how you could run the flooring in its direction.

Think About The Room Size

The direction you lay your flooring can directly affect the way the room feels in terms of size. Smaller rooms should have floorboards that run away from the doors. If they run across the doorways, it will make the room feel smaller. Vertical lines can really open up the space and help it feel less compact.

If you're dealing with a large family room or other significant space and you want it to feel more welcoming, you should consider installing the floorboards horizontally instead. This can help bring the walls in a bit in the room, making it feel a little bit warmer and more homey. Just remember that when you're laying hardwood floorboards in a hallway, avoid horizontal lines. In narrow spaces like hallways, it will look stuttered and choppy.

Consider The Floor Joist Placement

When you install hardwood flooring, it should be installed so that it runs in the same direction as your floor joists when possible. This helps to distribute the weight of the flooring across the space and helps to provide necessary support to keep the floor structurally sound. Otherwise, you risk having floorboards start to shift, sink, or sag.

With these tips and the help of a hardwood flooring contractor, such as from New York Hardwood Floors, you're sure to get the flooring you're looking for and the installation result that you need. Just keep these things in mind as you look at each room to decide how you want to lay the floor. The better prepared you are before the installation, the easier it will be to get the floorboards secured and complete your renovation quickly.