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Three Benefits Of Owning Your Own Welding Machines

When you need a welder on the job site, what do you usually do? Hire a freelance welding contractor? That gets rather expensive after a time. Why not buy your own welding machines and then hire a part-time welder? Here is additional info on the three benefits to owning your own welding machines, and why you should have more than one for your construction business.

You Never Have to Scramble for a Welder

Owning your own welding machines and having a part-time welder on your payroll means that you never have to scramble to hire a freelance contractor for a temporary job. You have both the machines and a welder of your own. Your part-time welder just has to pick up one of the welding machines from the company storage garage and get to the site to do the work. You can even manage last-minute repair jobs on a site, assuming your part-time welder can respond at a moment's notice.

You Will Never Have to Charge the Client Extra for Welding Services

When you scramble to hire a freelance welding contractor, you are at the mercy of what he/she charges. It also means that you might have to include this additional expense in the bill to the customer/client. That definitely would not sit right with the customer/client! Having your own welder and welding machines means you can include service charges for these services right in the estimate prior to securing the work contract and there are no charges or fees that will upset the customer/client.

You Are in Control of the Welder's Pay

The best part of this deal is that you are in control of the welder's pay. You decide what you are willing to pay your part-time welder and never overpay for services rendered. This helps keep your bottom line in line with what you expect each welding job to cost.

Why You Need More Than One Welding Machine

Even if you only have one part-time welder on your payroll, you should have at least three welding machines. The first one is often the one the welder will grab to use. Over time, it may wear out and need repairs. Then the welder will grab the second one while he first one is in the shop. If something out of the ordinary happens to the second machine, you still have a third welding machine that the welder can use. Having three machines per welder prevents delays in the completion of the welding work.