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How To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Building's Flat Roof

If the flat roof on your commercial building has developed cracks but is still a few years away from needing a complete replacement, then you can apply a new layer of bitumen asphalt emulsion to extend its life. While working on your building's roof comes with the obvious inherent dangers, rejuvenating the roof is a simple procedure you can do yourself as long as you feel comfortable climbing up onto the roof. If you are not comfortable on the roof, then you can have the roofing work completed by a licensed roofing contractor.

To extend the life of your commercial building's flat roof, follow this simple procedure:

Step 1: Thoroughly Clean the Roof's Surface

Before you can apply the primer and asphalt emulsion on the roof, first, you need to thoroughly clean its surface. Use a paint scraper to remove any moss, weeds, or bird waste and then sweep the roof with a stiff broom. Cleaning the roof well is vital so the primer will stick to the existing roof because any areas with loose dirt or dust will not properly adhere. 

Step 2: Apply a Coat of Bitumen Primer 

Once the roof is clean, then you need to apply a coat of bitumen primer. The easiest way to apply the primer is to use a roller brush attached to an extension pole. 

Pour out a small puddle of primer onto the roof and then roll it out with your brush. Cover the roof all the way to the edge with a thin layer of primer and take care to avoid getting the primer in your rain gutters or drains.

Step 3: Apply a Layer of Bitumen Asphalt Emulsion to the Roof's Surface

Once the primer has dried well enough to feel tacky to the touch, then you can apply a layer of bitumen asphalt emulsion. The asphalt emulsion comes in a bucket and needs to be stirred well before you can apply it. 

Once the bitumen asphalt emulsion is stirred well enough to have a consistent texture, then apply a layer of it on your flat roof using a natural-bristle push broom. Dip the broom into the bucket and then brush the emulsion onto the roof.

Finally, once the emulsion layer has had a chance to cure, then you can apply a second layer to maximize the protection for your roof and extend its life until you have the ability to replace it. For more information, contact companies like East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal LLC.