Finishing Your Basement

Nothing Is Set In Stone Or Concrete: 4 Concrete Cutting And Repair Services To Complete Your Home Renovation Dreams

When it comes to doing home renovations, sometimes there are obstacles that seem to be set in stone. Concrete and masonry are difficult to make changes to without professional help. The good news is that there are professional concrete repair professionals that will be able to help you with these tasks. Here are some of the repairs that concrete professionals can do, so you can complete your home renovations:

1. Cutting Out Concrete for The Installation of New Mechanical Systems

Concrete is often in the way of making changes to mechanical systems. The most common problem is adding plumbing to areas with a concrete slab foundation. Concrete cutting can be done to remove sections of the slab, so that the new plumbing, electrical conduits and other mechanical systems can be installed beneath the foundation of your home.

2. Cutting New Openings and Adding Support for Masonry and Concrete

When doing home renovations, you may need to add windows or doors in a concrete foundation wall. The openings are going to be required if you plan on adding bedrooms to a basement finishing project. Have the concrete cut out and structural load support installed to add openings in foundation walls. In addition, you may want to consult a structural engineer about what changes need to be made when adding openings for load-bearing foundation walls in your home.

3. Repairing Crack Damage in Brick, Concrete and Stonework

Concrete and masonry materials often develop stress cracks, which can sometimes be very serious problem. A concrete service will be able to correctly stop the damage from spreading and complete the repairs. With brickwork, it is especially important to leave the repairs up to professionals, because a crack in a mortar joint will quickly spread. If there is any damage that is beyond repair, have it cut out and new installations done. With concrete, the stress cracks are common in foundation walls that are below the outside grade. Concrete foundation can be repaired, but it is important to have any repairs inspected every few years to ensure they are holding up.

With concrete cutting and repairs, nothing is impossible for home renovations and improvements. When you get ready to do concrete repairs, there is often a mess from the washout of trucks and equipment. Contact a concrete washout solutions service, like CWS Colorado, LLC, for equipment to keep your property and the environment clean when you have repairs and improvements done.