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3 Things to Know About Having an Irrigation System Installed in Your Yard

If you want your grass to look as great as it possibly can, consider having an residential irrigation system installed in your lawn. An irrigation system ensures your entire lawn is watered thoroughly when you water your lawn. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about having an irrigation system installed in your yard.

The System Needs to be Installed by Professionals

When you have an irrigation system installed in your lawn, you need to be sure that it is installed properly. A professional company will know how the system needs to be placed in your yard so that it does not damage the root system of the trees in your yard or damage any piping that may lead to the sewer system to your home. The company will know how to do the necessary research to ensure that everything is laid out properly and works well.

The System Can be Installed Below Ground

When having an irrigation system installed, it is best to choose a system that has sprinkler heads that go underground when they are not spraying water. This ensures that no one will trip on them when they walk in your yard and that you will not damage them when you mow the lawn. The heads will not be visible when they are not in use, which also allows your lawn to look as good as it possibly can at all times.

The System Can be Set with a Timer

It is possible to have the irrigation system turn on and off with a timer. You can set the time you want the water to start spraying and how long you want it to spray to ensure that your lawn is not over or under saturated. This can be a great option for anyone who works often and is not home enough to be able to water their lawn on a regular basis.

If you notice that one of the heads of the sprinklers is not spraying water the way that it is supposed to spray water you need to contact the irrigation company right away. You want to be sure that any clogs or damaged heads are repaired as soon as possible so that water does not build up in the irrigation system. You also do not want some areas of the yard to be getting less water than other areas because it can lead to them drying out and dying in a very short period of time if you live in a very warm climate.

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