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Three Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Blowing In Winter

When it is winter, the last thing you want is more cold air in your home. If you try to turn on your heater/furnace, and you get nothing but cold air, you have quite the problem. If your air conditioner is actually kicking on instead of your furnace/heater, you definitely have a problem. Here are some reasons why your A/C may be blowing in winter rather than your heat.

Your Thermostat Has Its Signal Wires Crossed

A thermostat that has either gone dysfunctional or was never properly installed from the get-go may be the cause for your A/C blowing in the frigid months of the year. Check to make sure that it is switched from "A/C" to "heat," then switch it off and switch it back on to "heat." If your A/C still activates, then there is something awry internally with the thermostat. An HVAC repair technician can easily diagnose this problem and fix it by correcting the problems with the internal wiring.

The Furnace May Be Broken and the System Is Substituting

If your furnace is completely busted and not working, your entire heating and cooling system may try to "substitute" one for the other. This is not uncommon when you have a digital, WiFi-enhanced, remote-programmable system. When the system cannot tap the equipment you want to adjust temperature, the system decides that it will try another approach and turn on the opposite system. Since it is not a sentient being that understands that cold air is not what you want in winter, it will continue to send cold air up until you shut the system off and have the furnace repaired.

You Forgot to Shut the A/C off and Turn the Furnace On

Most homeowners feel rather silly when they discover (for the first time) that their HVAC systems have on/off switches that operate independently of each other and independently of the thermostat controls. If this is the case for your situation, it is a simple fix. Find the switch outside that shuts down the A/C for the winter. Then find the on/off switch on your furnace and flip it to the "on" position. Now your furnace should begin sending up hot air while your A/C stops activating and stops sending in cold air. Your thermostat in this type of system merely acts as a temperature gauge and a "stop" function for when your house temperature reaches the correct temperature.

Contact a contractor, like All American Air & Electric, Inc., for more help.