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How To Tell If It's Time To Reline Your Pipes

If you've been having problems with the sewer pipes running through your property and are waiting for a sewer repair company to show up, you might be worried that you'll have to replace the pipes. That could lead you to worry about the cost of replacing the pipes and whether your homeowners insurance might pay for it. There's a better solution that won't require digging up your entire yard: relining. This is where the pipe remains in the ground, but the inside of the pipe is given a new lining that helps seal off any problems like cracks. However, how do you know if you need to reline or if the problem is really a minor one?

Inspections Show Cracks

If you managed to get a hold of a remote camera and tried to DIY-diagnose a problem with the sewer line, you may have found cracks along the inside of the pipe. Even if you don't see any actual leaks, a crack is a good indication that the pipe needs to be relined. If the interior of the pipe is partially cracked, it's only a matter of time before the crack makes its way through all of the pipe material and allows sewage to leak out. Relining seals up the crack so that, no matter what happens to the pipe, the interior is secure.

You Seem to Be Having Close Calls With Tree Roots

If you dig up part of your yard for relandscaping and notice a number of tree roots making their way through your yard toward the pipe, there could be a minuscule leak that is attracting the roots. Consider yourself lucky; most people don't discover this until the tree roots have forced their way into the pipe and created major backups. But it's still not something you should ignore, even if you don't see any leaks or smell any sewage. Get the pipe inspected and ask about relining.

It's Just Been a Really Long Time

Sometimes a pipe is so old that you can feel that it's time to reline it before anything happens to it. Crumbling infrastructure that leads to things like water main breaks isn't an issue solely for pipes in public areas; the pipes under your property can also suddenly fail if they get too old. If you're in an older area, it's time to get the pipes relined just to be sure.

Contact a sewer repair company so they can inspect the pipes again and get a good view of what they would be dealing with. You have a few options for relining, and the company will show you how each would work and how long each would take. Contact a company like Ultimate Excavation & Liners to learn more.