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A Guide to Understanding & Treating Frequent Toilet Clogs in a Commercial Bathroom

If you own a restaurant and provide a bathroom to your patrons, it is important to be aware that maintaining those facilities can be quite challenging. For example, due in part to the heavier and rougher use of public restrooms, clogs are a very common problem. Being able to use specific plumbing tools to find blockages, imperfections, and perforations in a pipe often requires the extra training that plumbers receive.

Unless and until the bathroom issue is merely an occasional overflowing toilet, it is best to avoid having a standard maintenance person provide the work and hire a professional plumber. Therefore, whether you own or manage a restaurant, you need to know the following information in order to understand the all-too-common issue of overflowing or clogged toilets.

Understanding When Toilet Clogs Occur too Often & Cannot Be Attributed to an Obvious Cause

An unfortunate fact of life in commercial settings is that your customers will often flush items down the toilet that do not belong, resulting in clogged and overflowing toilets. However, when the problem occurs repeatedly or to multiple toiets within the room, it is time to call in a commercial plumbing repair company. That is especially true if you have just a single stall per restroom, as it is possible that requiring the room in question to go unused for a prolonged period of time could alienate customers who might not be tempted to return to your restaurant.   

In addition, not being able to provide a bathroom to your customers could result in a violation of the health codes in your area. Therefore, it is essential to hire a qualified plumber to diagnose and treat the issues as soon as possible.

How to Determine the Cause of a Clog

Repeated clogs and overflowing toilets that happen regularly despite efforts to clear them, it is possible that an item has been flushed down the toilet and has created a blockage. Alternatively, tree roots could be growing through one or more of the pipes, forcing some or all of the flushed water and waste to move backwards. In order to determine the precise issue and its cause, a waterproof camera might be used to image the contents of the pipes.

Snaking the entire pipe might also be helpful and in some instances, the affected pipes might need to be removed, repaired, or replaced. It is also important to remember that a slow draining toilet is often the only notice you might receive that a problem with the toilet is developing, so be sure to watch for that symptom. It is also a good idea to consider having your entire plumbing system examined by a professional on a regular basis in order to find abnormalities as they manifest and before they cause a problem.

A commercial plumber brings a unique skill set that your restaurant is likely to benefit from when issues with the bathroom occur.