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4 Plumbing Upgrades Ideal For Kitchen Island Areas

A kitchen island often becomes the focal point of a kitchen. It's a great place to gather around, prepare meals, and even serve meals to guests. Instead of having to prepare, cook, and clean while facing a kitchen, an island can be upgraded to feature a number of different plumbing connections and features. By adding plumbing upgrades to your kitchen island, you can create a space that is easy to work with and helps improve the flow the kitchen. There are four different upgrades that you can choose from for a kitchen design. A plumber can help you install and implement these upgrades so they work well within your kitchen area.

Rinse Sink Bay

As you're preparing food on an island, it can be a pain to carry it over to a separate sink for rinsing or washing off. Keep everything in one location by having a rinse sink bay installed on your island. These small sinks are made specifically for rinsing fruits and vegetables. The bottom of the sinks have a capture screen that helps prevent fruit and vegetable peels from going down the drain. A plumber can also help set up an automatic faucet that turns on when your hand is placed near the sensor. This allows you to quickly use the water for rinsing without having to constantly reach for a handle to turn the water on and off.

Hand Washing Station

Before cooking or eating, a larger island sink installation would make an ideal hand washing station. Along with installing the sink, a small spout can installed for use with a soap dispenser. This allows everyone in the home to easily wash their hands before eating. A plumber setting up the pipes underneath the island can create a proper ventilation system that ensures water flows smoothly. When sink drainage pipes are not vented properly, it can create clogs or release gases from the sewer systems that they are connected to. By setting up a proper pipe system, the sink can be used for years without any problems.

Garbage Disposals

In addition to the hand washing station, the drainage area of that station can be connected to a garbage disposal. After you're done eating dinner at the island, it's easy to empty plates right into the sink and power up the garbage disposal to get rid of the waste. A plumber can install a whole garbage disposal system directly under the sink and ensure that it operates correctly with the island sink. When preparing foods on the island, a disposal is also ideal for placing small scraps or food particles that are not needed.

Dishwasher Connections

Large kitchen islands can also host a variety of kitchen appliances. One of the more ideal appliances for an island is the dishwasher. A plumber can feed water and drainage pipes directly to the dishwasher that want you installed on the island area. An island dishwasher offers easy access for placing dishes, pulling out dishes, and cleaning up messes after meals. For example, when people are done eating, the dishes can easily be placed on the island. From there, it's easy to load them into the dishwasher and get them cleaned as needed. When connecting a dishwasher to the island, you want to make sure that the height and width of the dishwasher can fit into the opening. A plumber can also help seal off the areas so that moisture and steams do not impact the materials used on the island.

By adding one or more of these upgrades to your kitchen island, you can dramatically improve the flow of the area. For homes with open floor plans, it will allow you to face everyone in the house instead of keeping your back turned while you prepare foods. Contact a plumber or click here for more info and for estimates and project ideas that can really enhance the island as a whole.