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Home Renovations: 4 Benefits Of Using Construction Fencing On Your Property

Renovating your home can completely transform the design and turn your vision of a perfect house into a reality. As you're planning home renovations and all the changes you want to make, it's important to consider the logistics of the project. One way to help with the flow of contractors, construction workers, and the use of renovation materials is with construction fencing rentals. Temporary chain link fence rentals have a lot of advantages when they are used for your home renovation project. Browse through the four advantages and ways that these fences can be effectively used throughout your whole renovation.

Security & Protection

One of the main things that construction fencing can add to your home during renovations is security and protection. As a home goes through renovations, it is often vulnerable due to remodeling doors, open walls, and other areas of the home that are being worked on. Construction fencing can be added to the perimeter of the house to add the extra security and deter any potential criminals from just walking into the home. During the day, a few of the fencing panels can be moved so contractors and workers have easy access to the home. When the work is complete, the panels can be locked and secured again.

The fencing can also be used to add protection to a dumpster rental. If you are renting a dumpster for your renovation debris, a fence can help eliminate access to the dumpster so random neighbors and other people do not use it to throw away their trash. High chain link panels can surround the dumpster when it is not in use.

Supplies & Building Materials

A section of chain link fencing can be set up on your driveway or lawn to create an organized supply area for the project. The boxed in area is ideal for storing all of your building supplies like wood, roofing materials, drywall, and paint. The use of a chain link fence can make it easy to organize the supplies and add a little extra security protection. Privacy screens can be added to the chain link fences for this area. These screens block out views of the materials, so that they do not draw attention from the street. When deliveries arrive, it will be easy for people to simply drop off the items in the fenced off area and have them ready for the renovations.

Contractor Parking Areas

When a renovation is large, you could have five or six cars parked at your home on a single day. Construction fencing like chain link or plastic mesh safety fencing is ideal for blocking off areas where you do not want people to park. For example, if you want to protect the grass on your lawn, you can use fencing to block off the area so that no cars or trucks pull up on the lawn. You can also use the fencing to block off an area in front your garage. This will help you keep an open space to access your car, lawn tools, or other things needed inside the garage. It can also help keep the parking more organized and limited from just a random collection of vehicles on your property.

Pets & Animals

Construction fencing is a great way to keep your pets on your property and unwanted animals off of it. During days of renovations, people will be coming in and out of your home. Setting up a temporary fencing kennel is a great way to keep your dog on the property while not getting in the way of workers and the construction process. When areas are vulnerable on the home, fencing can help prevent pests from just walking in and becoming a problem during the day or night. One way to help add extra protection for pets and wild animals is with tension wiring. This is a wire that is typically applied to the bottom of chain link fences. It prevents animals from pushing their way in or out of fences by going through the bottom. Fencing rental companies may supply the wire as an add-on or you can apply it yourself.

By planning your fencing needs ahead of time, you can be sure to have plenty of fencing available for the duration of your renovations. Check out a fencing company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence to purchase construction fencing.