Finishing Your Basement

5 Decisions You Need To Make Before Hiring A Painter

Finding an experienced painting service that you can trust to make the interior of your home look beautiful for years to come involves getting estimates from multiple companies, checking their references, and completing interviews. However, before you even begin that process, it is important that you fully define the scope of your painting project. This will help you decide which painting service is the best fit for your project. Below are five decisions you need to make before you start looking for a professional painter. 

Which, if any, decorative techniques do you want used? 

If you want all of your interior walls painted a solid color, you do not have to worry about the decorative skills your painting team has. However, if you want to add decorative touches to your walls, such as sponge-painting one or more walls, adding texture to a ceiling or wall, or painting geometric patterns on your wall, then it is important that you hire a team of professionals that can handle your requests. If you know which decorative techniques you want to use, you can ask to see examples of their previous work using those techniques to make sure your expectations are realistic.  

Do you have visual concerns that need to be addressed? 

Visual concerns, such as low ceiling height, an awkwardly shaped room, or a wall with structural blemishes can often be addressed with various preparation or painting techniques or stylistic choices. For example, painting a room with vertical stripes or painting a few inches of the ceiling the same color as the walls can add visual height to a room with low ceilings. While you do not need to know which specific techniques you want to use, you should know which visual concerns you want to address to ask for recommendations from your potential painter. 

What finishes do you plan to use? 

Most walls and ceilings are painted with a matte or semi-gloss finish. However, a high gloss finish can provide many benefits, such as making a space look bigger and being easier to clean. If you decide you want to paint with a high gloss finish, it is important that you select a painting service that has experience prepping for and applying high gloss paint. This is because high gloss paint tends to show off uneven surfaces and nicks in the wall more than other finishes. 

Will you be doing any prep-work or finishing touches on your own? 

You should decide how much of the project you want to complete on your own. This can involve moving furniture and prepping the walls or adding decorative touches after your painters apply the foundation color. This information will allow your painting service to give you a more realistic quote as well as help you budget your personal time for the project. 

What is your ideal time frame? 

Painting an entire home can take several days or weeks, depending on how large your home is and whether you want multiple rooms painted at the same time or still want to be able to live in your home while each room is being prepped and painted. If you want the project finished more quickly, you may be able to pay for extra painters or book an earlier starting date for your project. It is important to know when the project can start and how long you expect it to take in order to work out a schedule and contract with your painting service. 

Answering these questions before you start looking for a painting service will help you decide which painters will be able to handle your project and communicate your needs to potential painters. Once you've made these decisions, it's time to contact a local interior painting service and talk to them about your plans for the project.