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Window-Ful Wedding! Window Upcycles To Decorate Your Wedding On A Budget

From purchasing the perfect dress and ordering invitations to hiring a caterer and establishing a venue location, it is easy to see the challenges of planning a wedding. Considering the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,200, finding ways to save money is smart. Thankfully, the easiest way to cut costs is by making your own decorations. If you are currently planning your special day, consider upcycling old windows after a window replacement and shutters into beautiful accents for your wedding. Using this guide, you can create truly window-ful wedding without a large investment.

Window-ful Lighting

Most old window frames will still have installed panes. While the glass is easy to remove, it can be a tedious process. Unfortunately, it is also an imperative task when creating these light fixtures for your wedding.

Before you get started, be sure you have on work gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes from shards of glass. If the window frames have screws for easy access to the panes, remove them with your screwdriver to open and pull out the glass. In most designs of windows, you will need to remove the glass the old-fashioned way.

Place each frame on a solid surface such as the floor or a table. Use a mallet or hammer to break each pane of glass. Remove any excess glass pieces using the back of your hammer. Lastly, sand down with fine sandpaper. Be sure to sand the inside areas of the glass panes, too.

If preferred, paint each frame and allow to dry before applying a second coat. For a rustic look, leave the window frames in their old, distressed condition.

Purchase a hanging bracket with connecting chain to attach to each end of the window frame. This will allow you to hang the frames from the ceiling of your venue. Loop sets of string lights in and out of each section of the frame before hanging from the ceiling. Create and install multiple frames across the ceiling of your wedding and reception venue.

These unique light fixtures accent your wedding, but also provide necessary light for you and your guests.

Window-full Wall Art

Skip the traditional sheets of silk drapery and decorate your venue's walls with whimsical works of art using old windows. Here are a few unique options that are appealing, personable, and functional:

  • Greetings – Greet your guests in a simple way.  Choose an old window and paint a welcome message on the glass. Add personality by using a fun saying that represents you and your future spouse. Prop the window up next to the front entrance to welcome friends and family.
  • Photo Display – Old windows are great options for displaying your favorite photos. Choose multiple pictures of you and your future spouse as children, photos when you first met, and recent engagement pictures. After cleaning, painting or staining, or leaving in its distressed state, attach the photos to the centers of each pane of glass. Create multiple photo displays and arrange around your wedding cake or gift table.

Stun with Shutters

When replacing windows, you may replace your shutters, as well. Wood and vinyl shutters are fun to upcycle into beautiful and functional accessories.

If possible, use a large grouping of shutters to create a ceremony backdrop. For a fun, vibrant display, paint the shutters in bright colors. If you are planning a traditional wedding, paint the shutters white or cream to add elegance to your day. To enhance your rustic or outdoor wedding, allow the shutters to remain in their old, worn state. Group the shutters together and attach to the wall behind your alter to become a backdrop while you exchange vows.

Your guests will bring you many gifts and cards to celebrate your marriage. As an alternative to the traditional gift table, allow guests to place cards on a display created from shutters. Prop taller shutters next to your gift table. Guests can place their cards and envelops in the openings of the shutters for a creative and functional accent.

Buying or renting decorations for your wedding day can become very expensive. Using this guide on window upcycles, you can save money and decorate your special day using eco-friendly methods.